Three Tips To Avoid Fires In Your Restaurant

Did you know that restaurant fires account for more than $170 million in damages on an annual basis? This doesn’t even account for the loss of business and income that you will deal with and the potential for injury and loss of life. Because of this, you will need to follow some fire suppression tips that will help you keep these problems at bay. In that regard, consider the tips below and use them to keep your restaurant business safe from fires. 

Get Your Suppression System Inspected Regularly

To be sure that you are able to have built-in protection from fires, it pays to have your fire suppression system inspected regularly. Whether you have a dry system, which uses powdered chemicals, or a wet system that fights fires with liquid, you will need to keep this system in tip-top shape over the long term. This helps you not only stay within the letter of the law, thus, passing codes and inspections, it also allows you the best immediate defense against a fire that breaks out. Make sure that you call in professionals to have this system inspected every month, quarter and year, for best results. 

Be Mindful Of Kitchen Habits And Practices

To give yourself the best chance of avoiding fires altogether, you’ll need to observe some safe practices in the kitchen. For instance, never overload outlets, be sure to thoroughly scrub your cooking surfaces and the oven hoods every day, be mindful to keep rags and towels away from heated surfaces and always repair cords and wires as soon as you notice them fraying. When you follow these safety tips and make sure to enforce them amongst your employees, this covers half the battle when it comes to avoiding kitchen fires. 

Keep Fire Extinguishers Readily Available And Use Them Wisely

If you want to keep your kitchen safe, all employees should be aware of fire extinguisher locations, and should know how to use them. To use these extinguishers, you’ll need to remove the pin, train the nozzle toward the base of the fire, firmly grip the level while spraying the flame and strafe the extinguisher from side to side, putting it out completely. Keeping this in mind will allow everyone to know what it takes to beat a fire as it breaks out. 

Follow these pieces of information and use them to keep your kitchen as safe as possible from fire. 

Author: Emma Days

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