A Failed Smog Test Does Not Have To Be The End Of Your Vehicle

If you drive an older vehicle, chances are good that the thought of an annual or biannual smog test makes you a bit nervous. This is understandable. Your car is your primary mode of transportation, and keeping it in working, roadworthy condition is important. While a failed smog test might be a valid concern, there are things that you can do to get your vehicle ready for re-inspection if it does fail. 

Work With the Right People

Inspection Station–Make sure that you are working with a smog testing station that is trustworthy. While it is possible for auto dealers and repair shops to be licensed vehicle inspection stations, it is also possible that these places will look for arbitrary ways to fail you on an inspection, in hopes that they will be given the job of repairing your vehicle.

It is also important, if you are concerned about your vehicle’s emissions, that you find an inspection station that offers free or discounted re-check fees. This will save you money in the event that your vehicle does not pass inspection on the first try. Once you have the report that tells you what is wrong with your vehicle, you will be able to have it repaired and then re-inspected.

Mechanic–Once you know what needs to be repaired on your vehicle, the right mechanic makes all of the difference in the world. Look for a good, local mechanic that understands your make and model of vehicle and is upfront about pricing. If you failed your smog test, a skilled mechanic should be able to look at the report and your vehicle then explain what caused that particular failure and how much it will cost to repair it.

Avoid Operator Error

Sometimes, failed smog tests are completely avoidable. Certain things that you do, such as having the oil changed regularly and making sure the tire pressure is correct, can improve your chances of passing a smog test. If you did not pass your smog test on the first try, make sure that there are no small maintenance areas that have been neglected.

It is also important to be aware of things that can cause you to automatically fail your smog test. If you have any indicator lights on, make sure that you get those taken care of at least a week prior to having your inspection done. This will give your sensors time to reset properly after the battery has been disconnected.

If you drive an older vehicle, don’t be afraid to have it tested. Even a failed smog test is fixable. For more information, speak with experts like West Coast Smog.

Author: Emma Days

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