Using Propane To Heat Your Home: How You Are Helping The Environment

When you heat your home with propane, you do a lot for the environment. Find out just how you make an important impact on the air we breathe, and how your propane use can make an even bigger difference.

Propane is a weak pollutant

Propane is a relatively clean fuel that burns without harming the environment. It’s listed with the government as a clean-burning fuel that will not cause dangerous emissions. When you use propane to heat your home, you can feel confident that you:

  • will not harm soil if propane is spilled
  • will not pollute water
  • will not emit dangerous gases into the air
  • will not harm birds or other animals if they inhale the vapors

Propane saves energy consumption

When you use propane to heat your water, you can save up to 30% a year on your usage when compared to traditional electricity. You can save up to 50% of energy usage when you use propane in other areas of your home as well. Propane uses less energy than traditional electricity and burns much cleaner as well, making it a prime choice for fueling your home if you are concerned about the environment.

Propane is reliable

Where other power sources fail in the event of an outage, propane is a reliable energy source you can use any time. If you use propane to power your home, you don’t need to worry about cranking up polluting generators or other alternative means of supplying your home when energy resources fail. Even if you just use propane as your backup energy source, you can confidently power your home knowing you aren’t contributing to polluting the precious air we breathe.

Other ways propane use can make a difference

You can choose to buy from propane tank suppliers that reuse and recycle the cylinders and tanks that they sell. You can return used propane tanks to your supplier, or find an authorized recycling facility that can take these tanks for you. Rather than have these old tanks tossed in a landfill, they can be recycled or reused so more energy sources can be preserved and less garbage can be created.

Using propane provides many wonderful benefits to the environment. If you are wanting to do your part to help preserve the earth, you can use propane to comfortably power your home in many ways. Reliable, energy efficient, and a non-threatening pollutant, propane is a wonderful resource to use in your home and help make the earth a cleaner place to live in.

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Author: Emma Days

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