How To Avoid Septic System Failure

Installing a septic system on your property is an expensive proposition and making extensive repairs can cause a hit to your bank account as well as well. For this reason, it’s essential to keep your system functioning properly. This article takes a look of some of the things that can go wrong with a septic system and the steps you need to take to keep prevent any breakdowns.

High Water Levels

Each septic system from a place like Southwest Enviornmental is designed to treat a certain amount of water. If your household uses more water than the system can handle, waste water will start to back up and may even overflow into your residence. A common problem causing excessive water levels is leaking. Check for leaks in your plumbing fixtures regularly. Also, make certain that your system has the capacity to handle the increased water usage caused by any new appliance, such as a washing machine.

Landscaping Concerns

Damage from tree or shrubs roots is another cause of septic system failure. The roots can harm both septic tanks and the drain field, which is the network of pipes and gravel that treats the septic tank discharge. To ensure the the structural integrity of both of these elements, avoid planting any trees or shrubs near either of them.

Building and Driving

Never build anything directly over any part of your septic system. The extra weight caused by creating a driveway or other feature puts excessive pressure on the system components. It may also make it more difficult to inspect or service your system. Also, never drive a vehicle over your septic system. Doing so repeatedly may damage the tank or drainfield.

Harmful Substances

Certain types of chemicals and substances will interfere with the proper operation of your system. Never allow paints, motor oils, cleaning fluids, gasoline or similar products to enter your septic tank.

Lack of Maintenance

Septic systems that are poorly maintained are at an increased risk for failure. Many cities have ordinances requiring septic system inspections on a regular basis. In some cases, however, you may need to have the system inspected in response to certain warning signs. Watch for indicators that the system is having problems. These include a bad odor coming from your system, such as a rotten egg smell, toilets that drain slowly and wet areas in the soil around your tank.

Keeping a close eye on these leading causes of septic system failures is good way to avoid extensive repairs.  If you have any serious concerns about your system, however, contact a septic system professional.

Author: Emma Days

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